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Jennifer Pitt

Jennifer Pitt

Cheer Coach



Upcoming Events:

  • Monday, October 15th -- Stunt/Dance Day
  • Tuesday, October 16th -- Boy's Basketball @ Fairfield Jr.
  • Wednesday, October 17th -- Stunt/Dance Day
  • Oct. 18th - 19th -- FALL BREAK!!
  • Mon, Oct. 22nd -- Stunt/Dance Day
  • Tues, Oct. 23rd -- Early Morning Practice and Boy's Basketball vs. North Layton (Half-time Dance Performance)
  • Wed, Oct. 24th -- Stunt/Dance Day 
  • Thurs, Oct. 25th -- Possible Early Morning Practice and Boy's Basketball vs. North Davis Jr. (Halloween Dance Performance)
  • Fri, Oct. 26th -- Decorate for School Halloween Dance -- Mandatory Dance (Points will be given)
  • Mon, Oct. 29th -- NO SCHOOL, PROFESSIONAL DAY!!
  • Tues, Oct. 30th -- Boy's Basketball @ Farmington Jr.
  • Wed, Oct. 31st -- Stunt Day
  • Thurs, Nov. 1st -- Boy's Basketball vs. Mueller Park
  • Fri, Nov. 2nd -- Yoga/Mindfulness Day
  • Mon, Nov. 5th -- Dance Day
  • Tues, Nov. 6th -- Boy's Basketball @ South Davis
  • Wed, Nov. 7th -- Stunt Day
  • Thurs, Nov. 8th -- Boy's Basketball vs. Bountiful
  • Fri, Nov. 9th -- Cheer/Jump/Stretch Day




Centerville Junior High

"A good cheerleader is not measured by the height of her jumps but by the span of her spirit." -Unknown

Cheer Camp 2018

Winning the "top banana" and "Spirit Stick" at the UCA Cheer Camp 

Winning Top Award for Game Day Routine.

Centerville City 4th of July Parade

Getting Ready for the 4th of July Parade 


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