Attendance Procedures

  • Check  In—All students who enter the school after the tardy bell must check in at the main office.
  • Check-Out—All students who leave during the day must inform teacher, and present a note to the main office.  Parents are welcome to come to the office and check out their student.
  • Clearing AbsencesAll absences need to be cleared within 3 days. You may use one of the following options to clear your students' absence:
  • Extended Absences—Students who are missing three or more days of school must fill out a pre-approved form before they leave for a pre-arranged activity.  Click here for a copy of the form, or pick one up in the main office.
  • Lunches—CJH is a closed campus.  Lunches are 30 minutes.  Please see the bell schedule. Students must be back in class before the tardy bell rings.
  • Please check MyDSD for any attendance questions.


Absence Types
A Absent
E Excused
L Late


Absence Reasons
AD Administration
AP Appointment
CO Counseling
CT Court
ET Excused Tardy
HB Home Bound Study
HH Hospital
HW Homework
IJ Injury
IL Influenza
IM No Immunization
IS In School Suspension
L Late Check-in
MR Medical Reasons
N No Reason
OT Out of Town
PC Parent Cleared
RA Runaway
S Sick Parent Excused
SC School Cleared
SU Suspended
T Truant
TW Truancy Warning
YC Youth in Custody