Attendance is an important part of your student’s education experience at CJH. Students are to be in attendance unless they are excused due to illness, injury, or extenuating circumstances.

Check in:

All students who enter the school after the tardy bell must check in on the I-Pad in the Main Office. Students will be required to know their student login and password when signing in.

Check out:

1. Contact the main office, by pressing the call button in the front vestibule. You will be asked to show your ID and give the name of the student checking out.

2. Student will be called out of class and will meet you in the vestibule. (Please allow 5-10 minutes)

3. For the safety of your student, we do not allow students to be checked out over the phone.

Clearing absences:

You may use one of the following options to clear your student’s absence:

1. Send a note with your student upon his/her return to school.

2. Send an email to

3. Parents/Guardians may clear attendance through your myDSD Guardian account.

            a. Please clear attendance at the end of the school day.

            b. Parents have 3 days to update attendance.

Absences must be cleared within five days of returning to school or a truancy citation may be issued. Excessive absences in any one class may result in the student receiving a “U” in citizenship. A student is considered absent if he/she misses more than 20 minutes of a class.

Extended absences:

Students who are missing three or more consecutive “in-person” days of school must fill out a Pre-approval for Extended Absences form before they leave for a pre-arranged activity. Click here for a copy of the form or pick one up in the Main Office. Students will have the teachers complete the form, then bring it to the office where a copy will be given to the student.

Closed campus:

Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds during the school day without parental consent and clearance from the office. Students are not to leave school for lunch unless they are accompanied by their parent and there is sufficient time to return to school without being tardy to class. Students may go home for lunch with written parental permission, which will be kept on file in the office. Students are not permitted to go to another student’s home or to businesses in the community for lunch.