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Principal's Message on Accreditation

Parents have long held education as a key to their child’s preparation and success in life. Equally, educators have known that a quality education is of the utmost importance for a child’s future. Quality education and student success go hand-in-hand and are the reasons Davis School District is seeking continued accreditation.

Through the accreditation process, Davis School District assures parents and the community we are committed to increasing student achievement, providing a safe and enriching learning environment, and running an efficient operation.

Schools want parents to be actively involved in the improvement process and to have opportunities to talk with other parents about the importance of education. Parents may contribute to these efforts by staying informed about what is going on at Centerville Junior High (CJH) through weekly posted and emailed bulletins and through the school and Davis District websites.  Parents may also join the school’s Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) and/or apply to run as a member of the CJH Community Council. Parents also give important feedback to the school through surveys, focus groups, and parent meetings.

At Centerville Junior High, students are assured of having qualified teachers who are working to improve their instructional methods, and who have a clear focus on student learning while providing smooth transitions from grade to grade.  Students receive a rigorous, diverse, and sound curriculum based on quality standards. In addition, a range of student activities and support services, including credit recovery programs and math and reading interventions are available to ensure a smooth transfer of credits from school to school and to increase student eligibility for special programs, grants, and scholarships.

Davis School District (and each of its schools) is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC). NWAC is a division of AdvancED, which has over 100 years of expertise in accreditation and school improvement. You can visit www.advanc-ed.org to learn more. Feel free to contact the school directly to learn more about its accreditation efforts.



Mission Statement

In cooperation with families and community, it is the goal of Centerville Junior High to equip students with the knowledge and skills to be PRODUCTIVE, ACCOUNTABLE, and RESPONSIBLE citizens in an ever changing world.

School Improvement Plan

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Strategic Plan

Learning First!


Davis School District provides an environment where growth and learning flourish.


Educators, parents, and community members work together to create a successful educational experience for each student.


Learning First

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