Boundary Permits

Timeline & Policy

October 1 - Web posting of official count.

November 15 - Web posting of:

  • Next year's projections, capacities and openings

  • Previous year's number of applications, acceptances and transfers

November 15 through the 1st Friday in February) - Early boundary permit requests

March 1 - Late variance requests begin.
Conduct random number sequence drawing(s)

March 1 through March 31 - Parents will receive e-mail notification of variance decision.

March 15 - Notification of "Non-Continuation" must be received.

April 1 - Web posting of:

  • Actual enrollments

  • "Late enrollment" or "Adjusted capacity"

August (3 weeks prior to start of school) - Late variance requests ends.

August (Friday before school begins) - Notice of acceptance or rejection of "late applications.

School Feeder Patterns

Click the following link to see how Elementary Students flow into Junior High Schools and how Junior High Students flow into High Schools.